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Fall Fashion Essentials for Male Entrepreneurs

"A cozy Henley is a Fall staple essential for every entrepreneur’s wardrobe. After spending 1M+ minutes comparing various brands, working with experts, and undergoing extensive R&D, Steggy’s has crafted the perfect Henley that they guarantee will be the main character of your wardrobe. Steggy’s Henley shirts are versatile and durable all while prioritizing extreme comfort. They feature a Henley collar, custom tortoise shell buttons, a curved hem, and elastic-enhanced cuffs."

- Home Business Magazine

15 Father’s Day Gifts Dads Will Actually Use

“Henley shirts are a classic wardrobe staple and Steggy’s Henleys has spent more than 1 million minutes crafting the Perfect Henley. This perfected henley is designed to be the most comfortable shirt dad will ever wear. Responsive cuffs are durable and the durable material the shirt is made from will keep the shirt in pristine condition and will help to avoid sagging over time.

The Perfect Henley is versatile and it can be dressed up or down depending on what Dad is doing each day. Each Perfect Henley is enhanced with custom tortoiseshell buttons and a curved hem to give it a touch of class and style. The Perfect Henley is machine washable and it’s developed from a proprietary material made of cotton, lyocell, and spandex which provides call comfort all day long.”

- Daily Mom

Father’s Day Gifts: Quick Picks That You Can’t Go Wrong With!

"The perfect “Dad Shirt” in my opinion is Steggy’s Perfect Henley— especially if Dad lives in a cold climate. The family-owned Steggy’s put in the time and energy to ensure every detail is perfect, down to the tortoise shell buttons! The curved hem is designed to hit Dad between the waist and hip and the shirt runs true to size according to majority of customers.

The Perfect Henleys are made from a propriety material that combines cotton, Kyocera and Spandex. The cuffs are particularly resilient and do not fray! The Henley is available in three different neutral colors (charcoal, heather grey and black) and retails for $75–that may sound pricey but this shirt will last a lifetime! Get free shipping on orders over $100. If there is a gift that Dad will always use, this is it!"

- Luxe Life

The Perfect Henley

"The Steggy Henley arrived at the office and it was a fight for the guys who could wear a large to take it home for a long-term test. The report is back and even after several washes this is really the perfect henley, comfortable, great fit, and it feels amazing to wear."

- The Gentleman Racer